Welcome to a fresh new twist on watching TV.  Wherever you are, you can  watch your favorite Movies, shows, classics, and games - Free, without subscription, without fees, and without searching endlessly.

What makes us unique?  Other than fully appreciating the protected freedoms our government is here to safeguard, we offer a conservative and traditional platform that you can count on for news, entertainment, and thought provoking documentaries, entertainment focused on building what is good in the United States, not destroying it.

This is ad supported FREE TV where you will not have to watch endless commercials that expand a 30 minute show to an hour of time.  We are NOT big-tech, we are unapologetically Conservative, Judeo-Christian, Freedom minded American Citizens of the United States.  

Welcome to our neighborhood, we are happy you stopped by.

               The FAST Channel Network brings Independent News, your classic series, movies, hometown spotlights, and emerging hit shows straight to your screen wherever you are.  We are building a complete network of channels that are ad supported without asking millions from businesses.  We are bringing you content that others have tried to silence.  We are providing a platform for new talent, and free conservative voices to give their perspectives and bring their product to the media market place.  

We are not woke, we are not apologetic and we asked why watch liberal channels and networks that support opinions we disagree with.  We have been told If you don't like the show, you are free to change the channel, watch a different Network, so here is that other network, the channels you might just feel good about watching.  We recognize that some may not enjoy some of the content, and we fully support their right to be offended and have the same response.  If you are offended, you are free to watch another network.  We also fully support and defend the right of other conservatives to have a platform on this new media called connected TV, or CTV.

Welcome to the neighborhood.  Stop in, stay a while if you like and take us with you where ever you are connected.  There is much more to come soon. 


Watch or weather and Channel spotlight previews here as we add channels, movies and shows, Come on in and stay a while.


When severe weather alerts are added, you will receive alerts for your area, and information on weather nationally.

Yes, This is a critical election year, and we will do our best to offer coverage of the candidates, issues, and agendas that others want silences...   Kinda have to ask why... right?